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State vs. Federal Bail

Federal Bonds vs State Bail Bonds A lot of people can easily confuse State bail bonds, and Federal bonds, however they are very different entities.  State bail bonds are regulated by their own individual state, and are the result of an annual schedule fee being set up on a yearly basis.  In the case of...Read More

Jail Release Options

Release From Jail Options While in the state of California, you have several methods for securing the release of a defendant in custody. Some will need to have cash backing, where some people do not. To released on a bail bond, is considered among the most popular release options. Your bail bond can be called...Read More

How Bail is Set

How Bail Is Set In California Bail prices are actually set in place on a county to county basis, in the state of California. Every individual county, sets up its own “bail schedule,” on an annual basis. Even though bail amounts don’t tend to often vary much, each county still holds to the annual setting...Read More

Following Arrest

What Happens Following An Arrest When someone has been charged with an offense in California, they will be transported to a local law enforcement station to be booked and processed. The time the booking process can take, will depend on the size of the jail, and how busy they happen to be. In some cases,...Read More

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunting Most Americans have either seen, or heard of the TV show, “Bounty Hunter.” Quite a few folks may actually consider this to be a thrilling, or possibly glamorous profession, nevertheless, the simple truth is completely different. While they can have several adrenalin pumping situations, an actual bounty hunter’s work is made up principally...Read More

Bail Costs

California Bail Costs The bail bond industry is heavily regulated in the state of California.  Every state bail bond is ordinarily 10% and is decreed by California law, and is determined by the California Department of Insurance. Every bail bond rate is the percentage relating to the total amount of the bail, and is definitely...Read More
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