How Bail is Set

How Bail Is Set In California

Bail prices are actually set in place on a county to county basis, in the state of California. Every individual county, sets up its own “bail schedule,” on an annual basis. Even though bail amounts don’t tend to often vary much, each county still holds to the annual setting of a bail schedule. In truth,  California has the highest value bail costs in the United States, with Orange County, and Los Angeles County, leading the way, by being the highest anywhere in the nation. This is definitely one of the main reasons that it is imperative to find a good bail bonds firm, if ever you are arrested in California.

Bail is normally allocated through the Court, by a Judge.  The Judge takes a list of criteria into consideration, and public safety is always at the top of a list.  Other criteria a Judge will certainly take into consideration when setting the bail include, the severity of the offense, and the defendant’s criminal history, if there is any. The likelihood of the defendant actually returning for their court case is something else the Judge will attempt to determine.  Should the Judge deem the defendant to be a high risk, or a repeat offender, the bail will naturally be set at a much more expensive rate.

Bail can at times, be amended by the Judge, during the arraignment. There could be circumstances wherein a person, or perhaps their family members prefer the defendant to remain in custody, as opposed to seeking bail right away.  The strategy behind this is to try and get a reduced bail, however, this always presents an element of risk.  The Judge may actually lower the bail in this instance, however, depending on the Judge’s determination, they could also leave the bail as is, raise it, or even deny it altogether.

Seeking out the assistance of a quality bail bonds agency is always highly recommended. It always wise to remember that only a Judge can determine whether a defendant will qualify for, and thus receive bail.  No other person has the power or the right to guarantee this.